The iThΔNK Project

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.”

-Eric Hoffer, Reflections On The Human Condition

We have learned from our basic math about the negative and the positive numbers. The negatives contain this minus symbol (-) before them while we normally leave the number alone to denote it as positive. Sometimes, my students would ask why not always place a plus (+) sign for the positives instead? It’s as if the negative numbers are easily recognisable than the positives.

We may wake up one morning feeling like we’re on the wrong side of our pillows. It is like nothing seems to make sense at all: the things we do, the people we meet, and EVERYTHING. Then at the end of day we resort into drenching ourselves into the pools of negative thoughts. We then grumble over a bad day and it becomes very hard for us to notice the good things that even took place.

Our days share some features with numbers. We effortlessly and immediately see negative things going around while we tend to discredit the seemingly invisible good things already standing before us waiting to be appreciated and discerned .

Why won’t we force to remind ourselves about the good things in life? There are myriad ways to do that but why is it very hard for us then? The answer is SIMPLE: we didn’t train ourselves to be such. It never became a habit to us. WE have unconsciously and constantly been practicing the art seeing (and even placing) the bars in numbers. I was like that. I complain over bad weather,  warm temperature, bad traffic, insensitive friends, and other things my mind could come across. For this reason I came up with a solution to my  problem. I called this the iTHΔNK Project.

The iTHΔNK Project

The project came out from my psyche few months ago but only have I taken the trouble to make it become materialized on the last week of April. The project is less sophisticated than you could ever think. It simply document all the good things, both the perceivable and unnoticeable, we have received, experienced, and learned as time progresses.  IT is actually more like a journal. ONLY it magnifies the positives over the negatives. Goodies may range from your personal lives down even to your workplace. Being thankful because of a nice time spent with your loved ones, an answered prayer, a text message from a long lost friend, an increment of your salary, and even a day spent without thinking anything bad are just few of the things you could be grateful of!

The Tools

C’mon ! A simple notebook and a pen will do, though personalized covers and additional crafts can mean some plus points.  The other vital stuff we really need is a huge jar of CONSISTENCY. Never cease to input these “goodies” day by day. Albeit this has been my problem before, I will still try and venture my way through the road to gratefulness rather than bitterness.

The Duration

The project could be done for a lifetime. This might even appear as a rigorous effort but itcan never outweigh the bliss of seeing the goodness of life as well as seeing positive changes of your attitudes as months will elapse.

The Outlet

WE have to ask ourselves then who would be the ‘YOU’ of our daily thank yous. That might be your mother, your close friend or anyone. In my case, I would channel it to the Father above. Being the maker of everything, I believe He is simply worthy of it all.

My own iThΔNK Project will start this month. Come and join me as we journey ourselves through the positive road called ‘Gratefulness’.Destination: renewed and better selves.


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